Avast ye swabs, name and team selection have arrived!

Yarr! From the briney depths of the labs of coding we bring to you the ability to set your name and team.

To set your name simply double click on it in game and an edit box will appear, once you click away or hit enter your name will be changed.

There are 2 teams, team 0 who control the top half of the map and team 1 who are masters of the bottom half. You’ll need at least one player on each team to play a game.

This allows you to play 2 vs 2 or larger matches (5 vs 5 anyone?) and also pair up with a friend to vs bots (once they’re available) and work together to smash them into the ground.

Will you fight for the valiant team 1 or the enduring team 1, the decision is yours! (Team names subject to change when we develop the back-story of Tower Storm)

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