New Tower Storm design with damage booster information

Bug fixes, Exploit fixes and More information

Only a few minor updates to the gameplay this week as we’ve been working hard on the next generation of graphics for Tower Storm and also turning it into an Android app (if you’d like to test out the Android app when it’s ready let us know).

Gameplay Fixes

We recently realized that the Architects damage booster tower was super over powered when combined with a fast firing turret such as the shadow dragon tower. So we’ve now added a damage cap into the game. Towers are now capped at 3 x their base damage. As an example the dragons rage tower deals 8 damage per shot and so no matter how many Damage Booster towers you build around it it’s never going to have more than 24 attack damage (3 x 8). If you upgrade the tower it has 16 base damage so has a damage cap of 48.

We’ve also applied the same fix to speed boost towers, towers now have a speed cap of twice their base attack speed.

Bug Fixes

There were numerous bugs where upgrading towers and damage / speed boosters wouldn’t work correctly together, these have been fixed. The bug where you couldn’t sell a tower and place a tower in the same position again has also been fixed. If you notice any more bugs that still remain please let me know.

More Information

All towers now give information on their special abilities. Special attacks such as slow and poison from the druids race are shown in blue while auras that benefit nearby towers are shown in green.

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