Your new lower income and ability to see your opponents health.

Faster gameplay unlocked, opponents health revealed

I’ve been thinking getting income every 10 seconds is far too slow and makes the game feel more turn based than it should be. I love real time action and fast and furious gameplay and it seems many players do too so (the slow early game has been one of the biggest complaints).

So instead of rounds you now receive constant income every single seconds, you only get 1/10th as much so the game is still as fast as before but now you don’t have to wait for ages before you can build your next wave of minions.

Being able to see how close you are to winning is another feature many players have been wanting and your wish is my command. You can now see your own and your opponents health in the top right so you can see exactly how close you are to delivering that finishing blow.

Screenshot for today is fairly self¬†explanatory¬† it’s how your new income and health looks in game. Why am I loosing so badly to a bot? Who knows!

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