Tower Storm - New minion and tower art

Graphics overhaul complete

Today marks the day Tower Storm hits v0.2 pre-alpha. For it’s finally at a stage where the servers are moderately stable, gameplay is good and the graphics are copyright free…

“What you were using copyrighted graphics!?”

Yes unfortunately I discovered a few days ago that the graphics we were using for Tower Storm were in fact copyrighted. I originally found them posted on a blog where the writer claimed they could be used in a non-commercial project, however it turns out later he took them from another source which prohibited using them in any games not made using their development kit.

So they’ve been removed and the art has been converted to a free for any use pack (as far as I can tell). Johnny is still working hard on the official art of tower storm (and it looks awesome, I’ll post some in the next few days) however as he is working flat out in full time work these won’t be out for quite some time. So while these are still baking you’ll have to enjoy Tower Storm on the gameplay alone, hope it’s enough for you 😉

Along with the graphics changes some of the basic minion and tower stats have been modified too. I’ll post detailed information on these over the next few days.

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