King of the Shadow race, pretty badass eh?

I exploded the code.

TL;DR – Servers are fine, I need more time to get bots going.

Today I realized to make the bots work they’re going to have to load up a copy of the game code and run it as if they were a real player to make decisions. I was going to do a fuzzy simulation of the game in the bot code so they could guess where Towers should be placed and when to send minions but as the game evolves and gets more and more complex this is going to get completely out of hand.

So I’ve had to move the core game logic out in to a separate project that is shared between the game server and the bots so they play together nicely. This means that the code is currently in a very broken state and it’s going to be at least another couple of days until the game is completely split into a separate module and then a few more days until bots are working.

In the meantime, enjoy more of Johnny’s awesome art and play some team games! 😀

If anyone’s interested in the process of sharing code between multiple NodeJS Apps I’ll be doing a post on my personal blog ( soon. I felt it makes more sense to put it there as most of the readers of this site are not programmers and just want to play Tower Storm not learn of the wizardry behind it.

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