New Tower Storm Game Layout

New game layout now live

Since the lobby overhaul is now complete I set about updating the game to match. I experimented with a few different layout styles including having the tower / minion buttons over the top of the battlefield and having the game go full screen even on HD monitors (which didn’t look so good unfortunately). Eventually I settled on the look and feel you see in the screenshot above.

Some of the big changes in this release are

  • The game battlefield now scales to any resolution, so you can play it on small mobile or tablet screens and it should fit correctly. Unfortunately the sidebars don’t scale so minions may sometimes be off the screen on smaller screens, this will be fixed soon.
  • Instead of having health levels in the top left corner each players health is now shown on their castles. There is now a final castle for each player that has 100 health and the aim is to kill all your opponents castles.
  • Fog of war has been removed – This is temporary and I’m looking to implement a new fog of war system in the future where you can see the opponents battlefield through a dark haze but only see new towers when minions pass by them. I removed fog of war so you can easily see your opponents health at all times.

Let me know what you think and please give it a try on any phones / tablets you have. If it doesn’t work on your phone / tablet or feels off for some reason leave a comment on this post or send me an email and I’ll take a look on a similar model device and get it all fixed up. I want Tower Storm to run perfectly on every device!


  1. I was in the middle of playing this game live, and all of the sudden my controls got all screwed up. I have them both on default. And it still looks up when I aim down and down when I aim up. Why?

    • Solace

      Was this on a mobile device? There have been some issues where the screen would scroll wrongly and the background would move seperately from the actual in game units. This has been fixed in the next release which will be out in a few hours.


  2. G’Day! Solace,
    This question may be a little off-topic, When I was a bit younger around 2004 I believe my stepdad got us this game, where you were on a ship in space that as I remember was like a ring. You built rooms for the creatures/aliens that lived on this ring so they could live. I remember building bedrooms and bathrooms, and while you were setting out the layout for each room it looked like blueprint. More aliens would come to your ring the better your ring was I think. Anyone have an idea about what this game is called?


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