Prepare yourself – a gameplay overhaul is coming!

Yes we’ve been quiet for a while, unfortunately here at TowerStorm HQ we’ve had to get lots of businessy stuff sorted with milestones and long term plans and such so we aren’t simply flailing around any more 😉

Luckily in all this madness we’ve still found time to work on the next phase of Tower Storm: Making it look and feel like an actual game, rather than just a tech demo!

Playing a game in a 960 x 640 window in your browser isn’t all that fun, so we’ve expanded the size to a more acceptable resolution. The map is also even larger than this resolution so you’ll have to scroll around via click and drag to see it all.

We’ve also created a whole new map this time with 3 spawn points and lanes for each team. This will make playing with your friends much more exciting as now when one goes off to each lunch half way through you’ll notice his absence via the minions swarming down his empty lane. You don’t have to take a lane each of course you could spread all your towers out to provide the best minion destruction possible. The map is still a draft just to see how the gameplay works with 3 lanes, give us your feedback on how it plays.

Unfortunately the bots haven’t been updated to work with this new map yet so you’ll find games against them are quite easy.

The screenshot today is fairly self explanatory 🙂 And yes I have been watching game of thrones, it’s fucking awesome.

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