The beginning of an epic 2vs2 game a few days ago.

Server stability ++

Over the last week (and a bit) I’ve been working heavily on improving the servers performance and stability. Previously after games had ended many variables and code would still be running in the background causing the servers to get slower and slower over time until eventually they ran out of memory and died.

This issue has now been completely fixed and stability so far seems awesome, you can play games with many players and bots over and over and over again and the servers will stay alive for as long as you’d like to play 🙂

I also went to a meetup on AWS last week and met some awesome coders from Half brick who gave many tips and ideas on ways to scale out using amazon’s servers and improve the server performance even further.

It’s great to learn from those who’ve “been there, done that” and If you’re working on your own games or projects I highly recommend going to, finding meetups in your niche and talking to experts in your industry. I really hope to talk with them (and any other NodeJS or server experts) more in the future to squeeze every last drop of performance out of the game to make as amazing experience as possible for you.

Today’s screenshot is of a hectic 2 vs 2 battle I played last week. If you haven’t had any team games yet try it out – I guarantee you’ll love it.

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