Fog of war will add more strategy disallowing your opponent vision of your mighty fortress.

So much darkness

Fog of war is now in PvP, so you can’t see your opponents defenses before you get to them. Still a bit James Bond esque but it works for now (I’ve tried making it look better unfortunately performance suffers too much for my liking)

Currently it doesn’t make a big difference to the gameplay as there isn’t much you can do to counter certain towers. However in the next few months we’re looking into adding more special abilities to minions and towers so that you can better counter your opponents strategy and fog of war is merely the beginning of this.

For example there could be minions that are immune to slows or poisons. Or minions that when shot speed up for a second to run past enemy chokepoints. Or minions that gain stealth and you need special towers to see them.

It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to implement this to make Tower Storm even more strategic than it currently is 🙂

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  1. James

    I really like the Fog of war! Gives that element of secrecy to the gameplay so I can plan defenses without my opponent knowing about them. Can’t wait to see the special minions that can resist slows etc.


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