New Tower Storm background and UI

Tower selling and 200% more sexiness

It’s been another full on week in Tower Storm HQ. For the first time ever we finally have a real background. The map layout is exactly the same however the new art makes the game actually look like a real game. Plus it covers the full screen on mobile devices so you no longer have to endure ugly black borders around the playfield.

A smooth 60FPS

The game also runs far smoother than before with the addition of interpolation to the code. Previously no matter how fast your computer was Tower Storm would only run at 20 frames per second. This is because the network only updated 20 times per second and the game view only changed as new information came in from the network. Now with the addition of interpolation your computer will “fill in the gaps” between updates and use the full rendering power of your video card to render at a silky smooth 60 frames per second or more. At first you may get an effect similar to watching The Hobbit (or maybe that’s just me) where the game appears to look like a home movie but after a while your eyes will adjust and going back to the old 20 fps will look terrible.

Selling of Towers

If you accidentally throw down that damage booster just out of range of the rest of your defenses, or your friend starts bitching that you built your towers in an un-perfect layout you can now sell and start again. Selling towers only gives you 75% of your gold back, but it’s better than angering your friends right?

More info at your fingertips

Along with being able to sell and upgrade your towers the new tower info panel now shows you your towers stats as well as how powerful it will become after you upgrade it. It doesn’t yet show special abilities (such as how much slow ice shards does or how much boost the speed booster gives), this is coming very soon.

An in-game menu

You can now access the game menu via the cog in the top left of the screen. It currently only has a quit button which is useful for mobile devices but not so useful for PC’s.

Disabling of sound

If you wish to play with your own music rocking in the background or in silence on the train ride home you can now hit the speaker icon in the top left to disable all game sound and music completely.



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