Tower Storm is now a real game – I’m working on it full time

I wanted to give a quick update to say that as of the end of this week I’ve finished up at my full time job at Wotif Group and am now 100% dedicated to working my ass off and making Tower Storm the best game it possibly can be. We’ve been seeing significant traction over the past few months and have a few big fans and lots of support and enthusiasm that has encouraged me to take the leap and do this full time.

So be prepared for some major changes ahead, I’m super excited to take Tower Storm to the next level and I hope you’ll join me for this crazy fun ride. As always if you have suggestions and ideas let me know, I’m all ears and love hearing from fans of the game (your comments and support are what keep me going :))

There haven’t been any game updates in September as I’ve been working with a friend on building out an awesome server management system and continuous release process that will allow us to release new versions quicker than ever before and on all mobile platforms without downtime or mobile clients going out of sync. But rest assured I’ve been fixing bugs and tweaking the game every single day and hopefully these updates will be rolled out shortly.

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