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Tutorial Online + Many gameplay improvements

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve made a multitude of changes to Tower Storm. Fine tuning the game-play until it’s perfect and making it as easy to understand as possible.

The first major change is you’ll now notice Tower Storm has a tutorial. We realized many new players were confused about attacking the enemy and what minion soulstones did so we added the tutorial to guide you step by step through the gameplay. Please let us know if you get stuck at any point during the tutorial or if anything doesn’t feel right and we’ll fix it up ASAP.

The second major change is the Imp and Water spirit minions have been removed. We discovered most games didn’t even go long enough for players to use the last 2 minions so we removed the least needed minions and adjusted the costs and strengths of the remaining minions so there is a nice power curve without any minion being too overpowered or weak.

The fog of war has also been re-added however it is now simply a shroud over the battlefield and you won’t see your opponents towers until you’ve scouted them out, though once you’ve scouted them you’ll see them forever. This makes it easier to see your opponents health and base layout while still allowing you to build a deadly fortress in secret.

The menu theme has been adjusted to be consistent with the lobby and game.

Finally higher level minions now deal more damage depending on what level they are, previously their damage was the same at every level.

There have also been numerous bug fixes and mobile UI improvements. If you previously tried the game on mobile and found bugs try it again and they should all be fixed. If you’re still encountering any issues please send us an email or leave a comment on this post.





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