Tower Storm Wintermaul Wars map

Wintermaul Wars lives!

EDIT (14/02/14): Unfortunately Tower Storm no longer has this exact map as after iterating through designs and optimizing for fun we found smaller maps were just as strategic but way more fun. The current version of Tower Storm stays true to its Wintermaul  wars roots in providing epic 3 vs 3 PvP battles both attacking and defending at the same time.

Wintermaul Wars (A warcraft 3 map) is one of my top 5 favourite Tower Defense maps, it was a huge inspiration behind creating Tower Storm and today you can play it IN Tower Storm. We’ve recreated the map with almost exactly the same proportions as the original map so you can go ahead and have some PvP fun just like old times.

I actually added this map over a week ago however the bots didn’t yet work on it, they should be all good now so go ahead and play.

We’ve had some comments that the map is a little large, let me know what you think of the size and I’m going to try building a smaller version to compare and see what most players find the most fun (we always optimize for fun).

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