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Hello people of the internet, Nathan here. I work on the art for Tower Storm. I don’t know if anyone will be reading this but I shall be posting up Tower Storm art and maybe running through some of the ideas floating around my cerebrum.

One of the hardest things I’ve found about doing the art for Tower Storm is deciding what kind of art style I am going to run. For me this is a super hard decision because I froth over so many art styles. It’s like pokemon but for art style I want them all!

I’ve pooled together reference images, videos and anything else I can find that will help me create the vision for this game. I don’t know exactly what it will look like in the end but I know that it will always evolve and what I have now wont necessarily become the end product. I

I’ve recently been creating the minion art, so today I shall there.

I create the minion sculpts in Zbrush. Something I find difficult to do is refraining myself from going to town on detail. I love adding detail and bringing objects to life, this can be as simple as adding chips into a sword or showing the weathered effects on clothing. I love detail! but… there is a time and place and you need to know when its needed and when its going to hurt your art.

The in game characters in Tower Storm are small and you never see them up close so I need to focus more on the silhouettes and colouring. Adding too much detail will create noise and will not allow players to easily read the minions.

The first minion sculpt I created was for the undead race. Just a cool little skeleton warrior.  I kept the shapes basic and divided the geometry into segments for colouring.

Undead Skeleton


  1. Eric Kropp

    Awesome man, looks good. Can’t wait to see an updated version.

    • towerstorm

      Thanks Eric, can’t wait to get it out, sooo close to release!

      • Eric Kropp

        Oh really? will I be able to find it on the same site? will it be the same system of links you send to friends? keep up the good work!

        • towerstorm

          Yep 🙂 It’ll be on this same site and you’ll be able to invite friends by sending a link.


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