Tower Storm 0.3 patch preview

It’s been a while since Tower Storm has had an update as we’ve been working flat out completely overhauling the game including adding all new graphics, towers, minions and gameplay, creating what we believe is the next evolution in Tower Defense games.

Now we’re finally ready to show the world. Check out the video above to see the new gameplay and all the new graphics and strategy we’ve added to the game and let us know what you think.

The new version it not yet live but will go live in the next few days and we’ll post another update when it does.


  1. jansky

    When you release this new version, will you retire V1 or keep it online?

    • towerstorm

      It will be retired. Is there something you like more about V1 than this version?

      • jansky

        Not really. Having played the new version of Tower Storm (I am a friend of Kevin), I can say it’s definitely better than V1, but sometimes it’s nice to go back. I will say that I like the minions in V1 a bit more than in V2, but that’s just my opinion.


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