New Tutorial - Minions give income

Tutorial available, crash bugs fixed and gameplay balanced

A quick patch this week to address some bugs and issues that have come up since launch.

The first was the tutorial didn’t work, this has been fixed and you can now play the tutorial via the main game menu.

Secondly there were some issues with servers running out of ram and crashing. I’ve done some improvements to memory usage and cleanup and hopefully all these issues should now be gone.

Lastly we’ve made some balance changes, they are listed below:

  • Shadow Wraiths have had their movements speed reduced to 45 from 50.
  • All towers for Architects and Elementals now have scaling damage. Previously their damage went up linearly (10 -> 20 -> 30), now their damage increases by 205% each level like most other turrets in the game. This means you can have a lot more late game impact and actually deal damage now when playing architects or elementals.
  • Architects damage booster now boosts spikes and whirlwinds (bug fix).
  • All minions have had their health increased by 20%. This is to compensate for the additional damage architects and elementals now deal.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.

– Solace


  1. !!!!!!

    I can’t play. I have Please wait… creating. I can’t load:

    • Solace

      Hey thanks for letting us know. Looks like all 3 game servers either crashed or ran out of memory in the last day. I’ve fixed this now and am in the process of adding more monitors to detect when the game isn’t working.

      Thanks, Tim


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