New Tower Storm Game Layout

Since the lobby overhaul is now complete I set about updating the game to match. I experimented with a few different layout styles including having the tower / minion buttons over the top of the battlefield and having the game go full screen even on HD monitors (which didn’t look so good unfortunately). Eventually I […]

New Tower Storm Lobby

This new version of Tower Storm fixes a few desync bugs and general gameplay glitches that have been cropping up randomly since the last release. In gameplay I’ve also given a slight buff to the druids and fixed some issues with the aura and slow towers. There aren’t many gameplay changes as I’ve been working […]

Firefox OS

Since posting that we’re now on the Firefox OS Store I’ve had numerous inquiries over why we’re already on Firefox OS yet have neglected to release Tower Storm on Android or iPhone (you can play it in the browser on both devices). Here’s why, and It’s one of the reasons I believe Firefox OS has […]

Crusaders Ultimate Weapon

We were approved a few days ago, had a fun weekend porting it to FirefoxOS at Camp Javascript on the Gold Coast, hardest part was optimizing it for such a slow processor and small screen. But doing these optimizations brings benefits for every platform so it’s totally worth it. https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/tower-storm-alpha Artwork today is a preview […]