Over the past week and a half I’ve been without internet or a working PC, and painful as that was it I still managed to get a bunch of work done on Tower Storm. The biggest improvement is in Bot AI, they now build all towers and minion types and have a more sane algorithm […]

Not much has changed in the gameplay department over the past few days as this morning I noticed the server was at 100% cpu load and almost all ram was consumed. So I’ve been profiling and debugging the server fixing memory leaks and speed issues with the game to try and get it lower as […]

King of the Shadow race, pretty badass eh?

TL;DR – Servers are fine, I need more time to get bots going. Today I realized to make the bots work they’re going to have to load up a copy of the game code and run it as if they were a real player to make decisions. I was going to do a fuzzy simulation […]