PvP Mode

New Tower Storm Game Layout

Since the lobby overhaul is now complete I set about updating the game to match. I experimented with a few different layout styles including having the tower / minion buttons over the top of the battlefield and having the game go full screen even on HD monitors (which didn’t look so good unfortunately). Eventually I […]

Fog of war will add more strategy disallowing your opponent vision of your mighty fortress.

Fog of war is now in PvP, so you can’t see your opponents defenses before you get to them. Still a bit James Bond esque but it works for now (I’ve tried making it look better unfortunately performance suffers too much for my liking) Currently it doesn’t make a big difference to the gameplay as […]

Someone forgot to collect their gems, and woo look at those dark lords go!

Previously in PvP you could easily win a game by sending the same minion so fast the opponents towers couldn’t keep up. This caused problems where the best strategy was to “press all the buttons!”. Now you only have a stock of 5 of each minion type to send, this stock refreshes after you’ve sent […]