Fog of war will add more strategy disallowing your opponent vision of your mighty fortress.

Fog of war is now in PvP, so you can’t see your opponents defenses before you get to them. Still a bit James Bond esque but it works for now (I’ve tried making it look better unfortunately performance suffers too much for my liking) Currently it doesn’t make a big difference to the gameplay as […]

Tower Storm - New minion and tower art

Today marks the day Tower Storm hits v0.2 pre-alpha. For it’s finally at a stage where the servers are moderately stable, gameplay is good and the graphics are copyright free… “What you were using copyrighted graphics!?” Yes unfortunately I discovered a few days ago that the graphics we were using for Tower Storm were in […]

Tower Storm Wintermaul Wars map

EDIT (14/02/14): Unfortunately Tower Storm no longer has this exact map as after iterating through designs and optimizing for fun we found smaller maps were just as strategic but way more fun. The current version of Tower Storm stays true to its Wintermaul  wars roots in providing epic 3 vs 3 PvP battles both attacking […]

You may have noticed arrows have recently been added to the game. This came about as many players let me know they didn’t know where they should build their towers at the beginning of the game. Hopefully this should make it a little clearer. The green arrows show where your minions will travel and vice […]

The beginning of an epic 2vs2 game a few days ago.

Over the last week (and a bit) I’ve been working heavily on improving the servers performance and stability. Previously after games had ended many variables and code would still be running in the background causing the servers to get slower and slower over time until eventually they ran out of memory and died. This issue […]