New Tutorial - Minions give income

A quick patch this week to address some bugs and issues that have come up since launch. The first was the tutorial didn’t work, this has been fixed and you can now play the tutorial via the main game menu. Secondly there were some issues with servers running out of ram and crashing. I’ve done […]

Hello people of the internet,┬áNathan here. I work on the art for Tower Storm. I don’t know if anyone will be reading this but I shall be posting up Tower Storm art and maybe running through some of the ideas floating around my cerebrum. One of the hardest things I’ve found about doing the art […]

New Tower Storm design with damage booster information

Only a few minor updates to the gameplay this week as we’ve been working hard on the next generation of graphics for Tower Storm and also turning it into an Android app (if you’d like to test out the Android app when it’s ready let us know). Gameplay Fixes We recently realized that the Architects […]

New Tower Storm Lobby

This new version of Tower Storm fixes a few desync bugs and general gameplay glitches that have been cropping up randomly since the last release. In gameplay I’ve also given a slight buff to the druids and fixed some issues with the aura and slow towers. There aren’t many gameplay changes as I’ve been working […]

Firefox OS

Since posting that we’re now on the Firefox OS Store I’ve had numerous inquiries over why we’re already on Firefox OS yet have neglected to release Tower Storm on Android or iPhone (you can play it in the browser on both devices). Here’s why, and It’s one of the reasons I believe Firefox OS has […]

Crusaders Ultimate Weapon

We were approved a few days ago, had a fun weekend porting it to FirefoxOS at Camp Javascript on the Gold Coast, hardest part was optimizing it for such a slow processor and small screen. But doing these optimizations brings benefits for every platform so it’s totally worth it. https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/tower-storm-alpha Artwork today is a preview […]

It is awesome. Bots are coming along nicely, they currently connect to games, build 3 towers and send a minion… then do nothing for the rest of the game. The core is there though now it’s time to give them some actual AI. In other news Tower Storm has it’s first fan that isn’t one […]

I’ve had a few players wondering WTF is going on when jumping into Tower Storm for the first time and unfortunately there aren’t many instructions or helpers yet. So I’ve put together a gameplay overview page temporarily which you can view at: http://www.towerstorm.com/play/ If you still have questions you can contact us at any of […]

I’ve started using grunt, a nodejs build tool to compile and minify all the coffeescript game files ready to upload them to server. This is all complete now so all that’s left to do is get the game deploying correctly. Hold tight the game will be available for play very soon ­čÖé

Well playable anyway… With basic minion sending, tower building and income. It’s not online yet, hopefully will get it up and running tomorrow morning or night.